Unlike the start of Cataclysm where the shortage of players led to slow and painful progression ( canceled raids, raiding with less than 25 players and gimped raid comps) , Firelands raiding up to now feels much better.

Having a stronger roster enabled us to have a smooth and uninterrupted run of normal modes which led in getting the realm 2nd kill of Ragnaros. We are very happy of how things turned up so far and even more exited that we will be starting the Heroic modes next reset.

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The order of our kills is the following:

  • · Shannox 25 man normal  - 29-06-2011
  • · Beth'tilac 25 man normal - 29-06-2011
  • · Lord Ryolith 25 man normal - 30-06-2011
  • · Baleroc 25 man normal - 30-06-2011
  • · Alysrazor 25 man normal -03-07-2011
  • · Majordomo 25 man normal - 04-07-2011
  • · Ragnaros 25 man normal - 17-07-2011


Lastly, we would like to thank all the members of RR Inc for their efforts, enthusiasm and support. Keep it up guys, awesomely well done.


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