News Update - Legendary Edition

I know, I know... It's being a while since our last news update but we've been quite busy lately and down with a progression fever.

Gatekeepers, fire-hawks, arachnoids and legendary weapons of mass destruction (l-wmd's) are all included in this news update  however, before we continue grab a fresh cup of coffee, get comfy because this is going to be a long one.

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RR Inc 's first Legendary Staff

    On Monday, 12th of September Saqa was the first person in RR Inc and in Alliance to complete the Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest legendary staff. We decided to give him the first staff as he is one of the oldest members in the guild as well as, a staple raider with excellent performance, attendance and attitude.

    After killing Ragnaros on Monday where he was able to finish the last part, we went ahead to hold a small celebration/rp even in Stormwind's Cathedral square, that ended up not so small after all (just click on the screenshots bellow to see what i mean).  We started up with just the guildies, but suddenly people started showing up from everywhere and it wasn't long enough when we ended up being in the hundreds.

   It was a fantastic evening and we want to thank each and every one of you that was there to share our joy.  Also, we have currently a second at mid of p3 and  two other  in the early - mid making. Anyhow, bellow are the screenshots that i promised you:



Saqa also released an awsome video of his journey to obtain the legendary staff. Enjoy!!

Lastly, we've asked Saqa some questions about the legendary staff and the process of obtaining it. I thought to include this just in case it answers some of the questions that you guys have asked us in the past:

Q: How long did it take you to complete the staff in total?
A: From 4.2 launch till 12.9. so 2½ months roughly.

Q: What was the longest stage of the staff, and how long did it take you to complete that one?
A: Getting the stage 1 staff, Branch of Nordrassil, took roughly 4 weeks for me as I missed almost full week or raiding.

Q: What was the hardest part of the quest line?
A: Actually the solo part in nexus. I just managed to fail stupidly on few tries and later the whole instance bugged. Fortunately I got it reseted and cleared :)

Q: All in all, did you enjoy the quest line? Was it interesting?
A : I’m not keen follower of the lore or quest lines in general but this one was of course special one and I found it well done.

Q: What do you think of the recent nerf of the drop rates?
A: I think reducing the drop rates was necessary or the staff would have become too common for a legendary weapon. Also balancing coming 4.3 content could be hard with too many staffs around.

Q: Some classes/specs report a 10% damage increase. How that stands for shadow-priests? Is it the same for them?
A: The proc alone, Wrath of Tarecgosa, gives roughly 8% damage increase for me and ofc the stats of the staff itself are excellent.

Q: Can you carry another passenger when you transform to the dragon mount like vial of the sands?
A: No, flying solo.

Q: Did you get anything else except the staff?
A: Apart from the whispers “where does that staff drop?”… :)
    Guild got the Lil’ Tarecgosa pet to run around with.


RR Inc's Progression

With Baleroc being the latest victim of the Black Dolphin's crew RR Inc sets the flag to 6/7 on 25 man Heroic difficulty before the upcoming firelands nerfs. After overcoming Lord Ryolith's rng issues, it was a pretty smooth run all the way to here.  We are pretty pleased with our relaxed but steady progression we have had so far and definitely anxious to start progressing on Ragnaros heroic.

I have compiled a list with our kill order bellow and links to their articles in case if you want to check out how it all went down, the screenshots and videos.

1. Shannow 25 heroic 20/07/2011

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2. Lord Ryolith 25 heroic 11/08/2011

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Beth'tilac 25 heroic 24/08/2011

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4. Majordomo 25 heroic 29/08/2011

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Alysrazor 25 heroic

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Baleroc 25 heroic

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Sinestra downed

Ok we know it's a bit late and on 10 man but what can we do? She is still dropping bis loot and it's hard to find 25 people to  progress on a retro boss in between the current progression. Anyhow, we were anxious to go there and fight Sinestra which ended up being a fantastic fight and a must to experience for any raider out there that hasn't seen it yet. 

On Tuesday the 13th of September Lady Sinestra in the Bastion of Twilight was defeated by RR Inc. The set up we used included two tanks (warrior, feral druid), 5 dd (two shadow priests, mage, hunter, ret paladin) and 3 healers (holy paladin, priest, druid). I've included some screenshots and a bonus video from Saqa for you to enjoy.




What else is RR cooking?

Well, to be honest we like cooking, a looot. Anything, from alt raids, rated battle grounds and countless hours on vent chatting are always on the menu.
We got a 10 man alt team which is attacking firelands on a regular basis and a couple of rated battleground teams going in between raiding days and after raids throughout the week.  We also managed to reach 1780 guild achievement points which puts us 125 points above the second guild in the realm. Even though it was not intended it is welcomed as a sign of the guild being extremely active and healthy in all the aspects of the game.

All in all, I believe this is a fantastic tier for RR Inc and more importantly we are having tons and tons of fun.

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