Dragon Soul 25 man Cleared

Ahoy! New content patch and a new raid, Dragon Soul. Feels like it is time for RR Inc to post another news update.

We managed to do a full clear of Dragon Soul on 25 man normal the first week which was our goal. I think that most of the guild will agree that there were some interesting fights but overall the difficulty has been very low compared to other raids in previous patches. Hopefully we will be challenged the next reset when we start clearing on heroic mode.

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In total RR Inc managed to make four legendary staffs in the previous patch and now it´s time for our rogues to shine.
First out is Adrala to start the collection of pieces needed for the legendary dagger. Do we really want sneaking rogues with legendary daggers?

What else can we tell you guys... our roster is very strong at the moment but we are always happy to get to know new players interested to join the crew of The Black Dolphin. Check out our recruitment to see what spots are available, if your class is not listed well don´t hesitate to post your application anyway.

Whenever you be a-wonderin' what ter say next, say "Arrrr!"



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