3rd March 2012 News Update - Legendary Edition Part 2

Again, It's been quite some time since our last news update, but as usual, we've been busy killing bosses and stuff.

Faceless ones, Stormbinders, Dragons and yet more legendary weapons of mass destruction (l-wmd's) are all included in this news bulletin.

Are you sitting comfortabley? - Then we'll begin...

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Server First Legendary Daggers

On Monday, 30th January 2012 Adrala became the first person in RR Inc and on Ravenholdt to complete the Fangs of the Father, legendary daggers [Golad, Twilight of Aspects] and [Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages]. We decided to give her the first daggers as she is a seasoned raider with excellent performance, attendance and dedication.

After killing Madness of Deathwing where she was able to finish the last part of the quest, we all ported to Ravenholdt Manor to watch the final turn in, only to find that we were in a different phase and couldnt see it. Thankfully though, Adrala was thoughtful enough to take some screenshots of it all so that the rest of us could share her magic moment <3

It was a memorable night and we want to extend our thanks to each and every one of you that was there to share in our joy. Next up to receive a set of Fangs will be Zwei.

Anyways, below are the screenshots as promised...


Lastly, as of course is the tradition, we asked Adrala some questions about the legendary daggers and the process of obtaining them. We thought that we'd share this information with you guys...

Q: How long did it take you to complete the Daggers in total?
A: 9 resets in total - I was lucky with getting the final cluster that I needed from Spine during the last reset.

Q: What was the longest stage of the process, and how long did it take you to complete that part?
A: Getting the 333 shadowy gems and getting the 60 elementium gem clusters both took around 4 and half resets each, so it was pretty even really.

Q: What was the hardest part of the quest line?
A: I didn't have trouble with the bosses with my gear, but there was a tricky stealth section just before the second stage boss that took a few attempts.

Q: All in all, did you enjoy the quest line? Was it interesting?
A: Overall it was very fun. I had enjoyed the class-specific quests before Cataclysm and I was disappointed when Blizzard removed them, so seeing the new lore in this questline was interesting. I enjoyed having to use all my rogue abilities, and I'd like to see more of these types of solo challenges in the future.

Q: How does the proc itself work in combat?
A: After I've reached 30 stacks of the stacking agility buff, each subsequent stack has a chance to proc a buff which instantly gives 5 combo points and lets all finishing moves generate 5 combo points, letting me spam eviscerate for 6 seconds.

Q: Did you get anything else aside from the Daggers?
A: A nice pair of bat wings that give me slowfall, and many whispers asking me to show them.



RR Inc's Progression

With Warmaster Blackhorn's head being the latest trophy to hang on the bridge of the Black Dolphin, RR Inc hoists the flag high to 6/8 on 25 man Heroic difficulty, 4/8 of which were downed before the Dragon Soul nerfs. After overcoming Warlord Zon'ozz's RNG issues with the void ball, it was plain sailing all the way to here. We are content with the relaxed but steady progression we have had so far and definitely anxious to start progressing on the remaing heroic modes.

We have compiled a list below with our kill order and links to their respective articles, screenshots and videos, in case you want more detail about how it all went down...


1. Morchok 25 heroic 08/12/2011

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2. Hagara 25 heroic 09/01/2012

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Zon'ozz 25 heroic 22/01/2012

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4. Yor'sahj 25 heroic 29/01/2012

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Ultraxion 25 heroic

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Blackhorn 25 heroic

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Ragnaros Heroic

Ok we know it's a bit late and on 10 man but what can we do? He is still dropping BIS loot for some and it's hard to find 25 people to progress on a retro boss inbetween the current progression. Anyhow, we were anxious to go there and finish off what we started, which ended up being a fun fight, although sadly undertuned compared to 25 man.

On Tuesday the 31st of January 2012 Ragnaros the Firelord was defeated by RR Inc on Heroic mode. The set up we used included two tanks (Prot Paladin, Feral druid), six damage dealers (Rogue, Death Knight, Shadow Priest, Mage, Moonkin, Hunter.) and two healers (Holy Paladin, Priest.) We've included a screenshot and a bonus video from Saqa for you to enjoy.





What else is RR cooking?

As you should know by now, we like cooking! - Anything, from alt raids, old school transmog runs, rated battlegrounds and countless hours on vent chatting are always on the Carte du Jour.

We have a 10 man alt team which is tearing through Dragon Soul on a regular basis and a couple of rated battleground teams going in between raiding days and after raids throughout the week. We have also managed to reach 1925 guild achievement points which puts us ranked in the top 100 guilds in the world for achievement points. This is a welcomed indication of RR inc growing from strength to strength.

Once again, we believe this is a solid tier for RR Inc and more importantly, the community is thriving and everyone is having a great time!


- The officer team

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