19th August 2012 News Update - Preparing for Pandaria

With Mists of Pandaria's release drawing ever nearer, preparations are well on the way!! - The website upgrades are nearing completion, bosses have been killed on the beta, the guild roster is all planned out and the search begins for a couple of new recruits to fill those last few gaps in the roster as we prepare to set sail for pastures new...

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Recruiting for Mists of Pandaria

Currenty we are in high demand of the following classes/specs, in order to finalise our guild roster for Mists of Pandaria... (Updated 10th September 2012)

1 Blood Death Knight
1 Elemental/Resto Shaman
1 Monk (tank spec is desireable, but not essential)

If you have any questions about us before you apply, you should be able to find most of the answers on our website's menu bar, but failing that feel free to come chat to us in-game; whisper Kann, Saqa, Râgath or Zophiol for more information.



The Mists of Pandaria Beta

RR Inc's guild on the Mists of Pandaria beta has reached guild level 19, with over 15 of our raiders having reached level 90. It's a sure fire sign that our members have been actively levelling and testing the forthcoming content. If you're over on the beta yourselves, feel free to whisper us for an invite to our beta guild on Mekkatorque-EU.

beta_guild            beta_roster

Together, and with the aid of friends old and new, we've successfully managed to defeat most of the normal mode raid encounters on the Mists of Pandaria Beta and also, have some good solid pulls on most of the hard modes as well. Special thanks to Funk & God from Charlie Foxtrot for letting us join with them for the 10 man raid testing, also Vivi & Dakeshi from Sublime, and Ravengaar, Danosh & Tillycakes from Loot FTW for letting us join with them for the 25 man raid testing.



What Else Have We Been Up To?

On the 30th April 2012, RR Inc became one of only a small handful of guilds worldwide to reach 2000 guild achievement points. 


Befittingly to many people's lackluster for daily quests, the final achievement that took us over the 2k mark, was the guild achievement to complete 75,000 daily quests.

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