28th April 2013 News Update - Unfinished Business

So yet again, it's been a long while since I've found enough spare time to write a new article to go down here in this bottom section of the website, but I've finally got around to it and there's lots to say and see, so make some coffee, sit back and enjoy...

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Since the last proper update back in August 2012, here's some of the more noteable things that have been happening, in approximate chronological order...

Challenge Mode Golds

challenge gold thumb

The Christmas holidays finally saw some free time enough after the initial levelling and gearing push of the expansion and on the 12th January 2013, our first team successfully completed the full compliment of challenge mode golds. Ironically, we'd saved Shado-pan Monastery until last as we thought it was going to be one of the harder challenge modes, but it ended up being one of the easiest, with us getting gold on just our second attempt.

The group composition we used was as follows:

Szark - Blood Death Knight
Kann - Holy Paladin
Satiba - Moonkin Druid
Taurentipper - Elemental Shaman
Bazione - Survival Hunter

Since then, a second group has gotten their golds and a third group is currently working on the last of their golds as I write this.

Tier 14 Overview

mogushan vaults   heart of fear   terrace

Above are the old graphics from our front page progress module, depicting the kill dates of all our victories over tier 14 bosses.

We started off the tier pretty strongly, well prepared from our experiences on the MoP Beta and with a healthy sized roster of raiders. As we worked our way through the heroic modes though, progress was slowed as we were plagued with a large number of raiders who had to step down for all number of real life reasons. Determined, we recruited replacements and sullied on, finishing the tier on a high note with the realm first kill of Grand Empress shek'zeer on 25 player heroic mode.

Our most noteable kill of the tier being a world 241 kill of Will of the Emperor 25 Heroic and we ended the tier at 13/16 heroic, with Protectors, Tsulong and Sha remaining as Throne of Thunder was released.

Below is a link to our WoWProgress page for Tier 14, where you will find many links to videos of our Tier 14 heroic boss kills:

Glory of the Pandaria Raider


After the arrival of Throne of Thunder, we went back and finished off the remaining achievments and bosses from Tier 14 in 10 man format on off-days, with the first couple of people achieving their T14 metas on the 8th April 2013.

Sha of Fear 10 Heroic

sha thumb

Following on from the Glory of the Pandaria Raider, on the 27th of April 2013, we killed Sha of Fear on 10 player heroic mode. Special thanks to everyone who was involved, especially Saqa who was a part of the progression, but missed the actual kill due to being away. 

Guild Achievement Points


The killing of Sha of Fear heroic awarding us with our most recent guild achievement, that now puts on a rather respectable 2435 guild achievement points, ranking us amongst the top 57 guilds world wide for guild achievement points.

And Finally...

Currently we're busy working our way through Throne of Thunder Heroic modes, and at the time of writing we are at 3/13 Heroic, about to start work on Megaera.

Recruitment is open for a couple of exceptional caster dps, particularly Mages, Moonkins and Warlocks, but as always, exceptional applicants of any class/spec/role will be considered so if you think you've got what it takes, be sure to head over to our forums and make an application.

I'll leave you with footage from our most recent progress kill, Tortos 25 Heroic, from the PoV of one of our hunters, Bazione..


...until the next time,

- Kann

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