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[PvE] Application Template - use it to apply.

Wanna apply to RR? This is the place.

[PvE] Application Template - use it to apply.

Postby ulmo » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:51 pm

Code: Select all
[color=#2DCF1B]First Name:[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Character Name:[/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]Primary Talent Spec:[/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]Secondary Talent Spec:[/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]Profession 1: [/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]Profession 2:[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Armory Link:[/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment:[/color]
[color=#2DCF1B]What is your /played time?:[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Where did you hear about us?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]What do you feel you will bring to the guild?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Please list your previous raiding experience[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports:[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Are you willing to respec for raids if required?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Do you have any alts?[/color]

[color=#2DCF1B]Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?[/color]
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