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[Accepted] [PvE] Nottinteris - Guardian Druid

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[Accepted] [PvE] Nottinteris - Guardian Druid

Postby Nott » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:06 am

First Name: Tom
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Country: England

Character Name: Nottinteris
Class: Druid
Race: Night elf
Primary Talent Spec: Guardian
Secondary Talent Spec: Balance
Profession 1: Herbalism
Profession 2: Alchemy

Armory Link: ... ottinteris
Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment:
What is your /played time?: 79 days, 9 hours on my druid

Where did you hear about us? Officer contacted me through bnet and I liked what he had to say about the guild's environment and stability.

Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild? I want to join you because you seem to have a great balance of solid progression and good stability and those are two things I haven't seemed to have found in legion. All I really want is to be in a guild that's it's not gonna fall apart at the end of a raid tier. I am so sick of getting to know everyone in a guild and then as soon as the raid tier ends or things get hard people bailing, and since your guild has been around for so long I hope I won't have to deal with that for a while.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you? Nope.

Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them I started legion with Leet Hax(dumb name I know) with them I cleared 4/7 M EN, after some of the other guildies had some disagreements with the GM they decided to leave and join a guild called Endless Resonance with almost half the raid team gone I didn't really any choice and wanting to still raid with some of my friends I joined as well, with them we cleared the rest of EN and, also cleared ToV(killed Helya when we were over geared for it)and cleared NH as well. When the tier ended I wanted to join a new guild, because some of my close friends in the guild were leaving( a lot had also quit during progress) and I was sick of the toxic raid leader and the environment in general. Then I joined Noobs TBH when ToS started, we cleared 6/9 M but had a lot of core raiders quit or leave which ended with the guild disbanding. And now I'm in Severed after some friends convinced me to join, we killed Maiden and got some Avatar progress.

What do you feel you will bring to the guild? 100% attendance, Clear communication, Always prepared with food/flasks/enchants, Very active outside of raid for M+, alt raids, etc.., I always try and keep the raid atmosphere positive and try and give feedback as much as I can.

Please list your previous raiding experience Only started raiding seriously in legion, but have been playing casually since Wotlk. In legion I've cleared every raid on mythic with cutting edge and have cleared 7/9M in ToS.

If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports: ... metric=dps

Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST? Yes. I don't mind raiding for an extra day if we are close to a kill.

Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it? Yes. As a tank I kinda have to :)

Are you willing to respec for raids if required? Tanking is my preferred role, but if needed I can switch.

Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required? Yes, If it helps with guild progress faster then I'm fine with it.

Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time? No, Longest I've not raided in legion is a week when I was on holiday.

Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why? For Guardian you want to go for versatility for more damage and healing and decreased damage taken. And Mastery for increased max health and more healing received.
If you're going for damage you want to go for Haste for lower cd's and Crit strike for increased chance of a crit.

Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority Opener depends on if i'm going for damage or survivability. For damage, Incarne/Rage of the sleeper>Keep on thrashing>Mangle>Maul>Swipe and moonfire when ever it's about to drop off. For survivability, Rage of the sleeper(if not needed as a def for first min of the fight)>Thrash>Mangle>Moonfire(When I get a proc)>Swipe, I try and always keep 2 stacks of ironfur up. Minor damage reduction I try and just use Ironfur and heal up with frenz regen, I will use barkskin or rage of the sleeper if more is needed. Major damage reduction I try and rotate between stacking my minor cd's with healer cd's and using survival instincts with another cd is needed.

Do you have any alts?Prot Pala and Veng DH both 935ilvl+

Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?No
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Re: [PvE] Nottinteris - Guardian Druid

Postby Anuella » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:37 am

Hey Tom,
Nice to see your application! :) goodluck!
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Re: [Accepted] [PvE] Nottinteris - Guardian Druid

Postby Loeka » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:28 pm

Hey tom,

We discussed your application during the officer meeting and decided to give you a trial!

Looking forward to KJ.

Feel free to whisper any officer ingame for an invite.

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