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Re: [Declined] [PvE] Oghamgoths Warlock

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Re: [Declined] [PvE] Oghamgoths Warlock

Postby Oghamgoths » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:19 pm

[color=#2DCF1B]First Name: Thomas
[color=#2DCF1B]Age: 33
[color=#2DCF1B]Sex: M
[color=#2DCF1B]Country: Dorset, UK.

[color=#2DCF1B]Character Name: Oghamgoths
[color=#2DCF1B]Class: Warlock
[color=#2DCF1B]Race: Gnome (SUPER RACE)
[color=#2DCF1B]Primary Talent Spec: Affliction
[color=#2DCF1B]Secondary Talent Spec: Destruction
[color=#2DCF1B]Profession 1: Herbalism (Gardening)
[color=#2DCF1B]Profession 2: Alchemy (Making a pot of tea)

[color=#2DCF1B]Armory Link: ... /Weebtrash
[color=#2DCF1B]Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment: nope, everyone wants to pug so there's never anytime to take a breather. Could link my original main, Sefanina, but she's with Weebtrash Guild.
[color=#2DCF1B]What is your /played time?: As Oghmagoths, maybe 3 months. With Sefanina, from TBC launch. Original account from July 15th 2004 in Roanoke, Virginia.

[color=#2DCF1B]Where did you hear about us? Used to partake with RR Inc in PvP BG's alongside The Raven Council, Sanity, RiffRaff Clan, Obscura, Servo Decus and Inner Sanctum. Defias Brotherhood is my mother server.

[color=#2DCF1B]Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild?: Raiding predominantly and PvP secondly. My current Guild Weebtrash just socialise, they never raid. I've left them to find other opportunities to grow and expand.

[color=#2DCF1B]Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: Unlikely. Unless someone knows any of my alts: Sefanina, Leanardo, Event, Iamar, Wookiecheese, Seamanstains, Suntingwong, Dearheart, Ovolo, Cymarecta, Weymouth.

[color=#2DCF1B]Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them:

The Raven Council 2006/2007 (They were just starting as a social guild and hadnt attained the reputation as a heavy raiding guild that they do now). Inner Circle 2007/2009 (The guild died off as all us experienced raiders started to form our own guilds). Gets a bit inconsistant now since I left various guilds due to social disputes that focused on Politics and IRL stuff that should never be involved in a game: Sanity, Shadownightmare, Servo Decus, StarWars, Notanotherteenmovie, erm bugger I've forgotten half of them. Put all the names in a shout on my main to recall who've I've been with too. Went back to The Raven Council as my Mage Leanardo during the WoD expansion but as soon as Legion came out Frost spec was rendered useless and everyone went Fire/Arcane. Now Frost is nerfed again but I focused on my original Character Sefanina in Servo Decus but switched to Weebtrash for PvP. The Guild has lost its focus and I've become its Guild Bank Master. Oghamgoths was in Weebtrash until Sunday 5th November 2017 but is now interested in Raiding/PvP heroics/Mythics. (This is all only Alliance side mind, Horde is a bit higglety-pigglety)

[color=#2DCF1B]What do you feel you will bring to the guild?: Well you've probably already have years and years of experienced members, so not a lot unless you need a ranged dps for pvp and raiding. I guess my only perk now is being one of the few Veterans that recall how the game used to be in 2004 and contributing to Blizzards ongoing WoW expansion's. My only claim in WoW, now defunct, was that I caught a hacker in 2006 and Blizz gave me exclusive access to their development platforms (which I still get to use). My only claim outside of WoW is that my great grandparents once owned a chocolate factory during and after WW2, McIntosh Sweets/Fisherman's Friends, which went bankrupt and is now owned by the American's known as Quality Streets. And no, they sold everything so we get nothing.

[color=#2DCF1B]Please list your previous raiding experience: Have curve with Pandaria and WoD on original mains. Got Gul'dan in NH on normal before LFR release. Same with KJ. Done 8/9 ToS heroic with my original main Sefanina, but no one seems to want a Warrior Fury/Arms to do KJ HC so I decided to go with a Warlock.

[color=#2DCF1B]If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports: Sorry, unable to.

[color=#2DCF1B]Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST?: Wednesday, Sunday, Possibly Monday yes. I work full time as Security Agent and have a family of ten kids, plat time is fluctual every other day.

[color=#2DCF1B]Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it?: I have an active Discord account with The Raven Council and Weebtrash for my alts, so thats not an issue. I have a mic although whether the kids give it back is another story. My current headset suffices even if the mic has a tendancy to whistle. If i cant speak I can listen.

[color=#2DCF1B]Are you willing to respec for raids if required?: If the devil calls. I shall answer the door.

[color=#2DCF1B]Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required?: Naturally, its about the team not the individual. 40 man Naxx raids teaches you that much, and how to manage chaos.

[color=#2DCF1B]Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time?: If you allow a piss break or time to make a cuppa tea, then its an allocated break. Unless the computer crashes or I have a heart attack or one of the children has a serious accident, its unlikely.

[color=#2DCF1B]Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why?: Mastery and Haste, speed and damage are essential as a ranged dps I would have thought. Critical strike is somewhere in between, but its not as crucial as the primaries though it must be considered.

[color=#2DCF1B]Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority: Good grief, that's a question that has to be answered? Warlock Affliction is DoTs. There's not a lot that can be said that needs explanation, depending ofc on the trinkets you have access to. Pvp wise, same thing; hitting as many targets as possible, like PvE, but with re-specced talents that take hp and induces fear. Never go solo as a lock in pvp unless you are confident your hp stealing DoTs and Soul Leech can whittle health down in mere seconds. It's a supporting damage class for a reason. Like Catapaults.

[color=#2DCF1B]Do you have any alts?: About 5 main alts who are all used to heroic Legion raids and up to challenge 14 mythic dungeons. Only one main melee damage class has attempted 2/9 mythic ToS. I also have 12 alts at lvl 100 across various servers, one alt is a banker for that purpose only, and 3 alts on private servers that test bits and bobs without mods for Blizz Devs.

[color=#2DCF1B]Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?: Only if my wife puts her foot down (she's a lawyer, eeek!) or if the kids somehow disconnect the internet...or if the cats eat it.

[color=#8000FF]Oh and on a side note, I have Aspergus Syndrome. I thought I should point that out since I can be a little over obsessed with detail. So apologies if this is a little long winded!
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Re: [Declined] [PvE] Oghamgoths Warlock

Postby Loeka » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:30 pm

Hey there Thomas,

You, for some reason, linked the wowprogress of your guild rather than your character. I am assuming you are applying on the warlock that equals the name of the application. I'd like to note that 1 crafted legendary and item level 926 is way below the mark. Furthermore, you have zero mythic experience on this character, nor do you have any heroic experience. Which makes me think that you are completely unfit for our current roster.

I'd like to mark this application as declined. Try to focus more on one character, getting it up to standard in terms of gear, legendaries and artifact power. Feel free to try again in the future!

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