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[Declined] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

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[Declined] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Lilyani » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:00 pm

First Name: Gregory (Grzegorz)
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Country: Poland

Character Name: Lilyani
Class: Death Knight
Race: Draenei
Primary Talent Spec: Unholy (I swap between Frost and Unholy, whichever is stronger)
Secondary Talent Spec: Blood
Profession 1: Blacksmithing
Profession 2: Mining

Armory Link: ... od/lilyani
Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment: Took the screenshot on a target dummy, since I don't hide/have any additional UI elements in combat, other than WAs tied to specific bosses/abilities (like the Dark Arbiter aura visible on the screenshot)
What is your /played time?: On my main: 164 days total, 59 at level 110, however across my alts I've easily got about as much.

Where did you hear about us?
I have played on Defias Brotherhood for nearly 3 years now, and you've been consistently at the top of the wowprogress page.
Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild?
I am looking for a stable, established guild that I know I can count on when it comes to downing bosses. What I am looking for in a guild, is a place where I can hone up my dragonkilling skills, and have fun (while pushing my/ourselves) doing content with a lively community.
Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?
The only person in the guild I know is Kramiis - we've met while farming various stuff on the Timeless Isle (I was after the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent at the time) about a year ago.
Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them
Tactical Magic: My first 'real' guild, the place where I started my journey with raiding and where I enjoyed it until only a few months ago, when the guild slowly decayed and died, with the raid team disbanded. Currently there's only 2 other active people.
Any and all previous guilds I've been in have been social/leveling ones I joined as a newbie.
What do you feel you will bring to the guild?
I'll bring in some good attitude, I am a chill, relaxed person, I try to perfect my play while having fun. Most importantly though, I'll bring it the passion for the game - I love the game, raiding, and it shows. Also, I am insanely patient (I farm mounts, you see...).
Please list your previous raiding experience
I've hit my first level cap (lvl 100) about 3 weeks before Hellfire Citadel released. I've cleared heroic with Tactical Magic, but sadly the guild had no ambition of doing Mythic at the time - which is why I had to take matters in my own hands! Slowly, I've pugged 5/13 Mythic, then joined various guild runs (HFC was already cross realm then) to slowly but surely clear the whole of 13/13M. Ended up downing Mannoroth and Archimonde only once each, however.
7/7M Emerald Nightmare
3/3M Trial of Valor (post Nighthold release)
8/10M Nighthold
1/9M Tomb of Sargeras - this is where TM died.
If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports:
I've got logs from the whole expansion in here - however it is of note that I've not done any raiding sans a few heroic pugs since TM disbanded, which was a few weeks before 7.3 ... artition=1
Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST?
Yes to all 4, and more if needed, I am freely available whenever.
Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it?
Yes, yes, and of course, perhaps I am even a bit too talkative (although I'll be shy the first few times, learn the voices of different people and such)
Are you willing to respec for raids if required?
Yes. I've played all 3 specs throughout the expansion, swapping between Unholy and Frost depending on what's stronger, and playing Blood whenever my guild needed it/ in pugs.
Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required?
I like getting epics as much as the next guy, but any healthy raid environment requires having a rotating bench of people to keep everyone happy. No problem with that.
Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time?
Only directly corresponding to my guild's raiding at the time, and even when it was inactive, I still pugged.
Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why?
Mastery, as it scales very well.
Haste, but only until the breakpoints - breakpoints being amount of casts you get from Dark Arbiter. Currently at 25.29% haste which allows me to get in 13 hits during Heroism. The breakpoint is at 25% hence me being gemmed and enchanted towards haste.
Strength - Primary stat, still good. Now that I am at a good haste level, I value it over haste.
Crit - While of course not a dead stat by any means, currently unfavoured due to the Castigator build being too far behind Unholy Frenzy.
Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority
Army of the Dead 5s before pull.
Prepot at 2-3 (not risking it with someone mistakenly pulling too soon)
Outbreak at 0, followed by Chains of Ice to utilize my legendary chestplate.
2x Festering Strike to build 6 stacks of Festering Wounds. If RNG condemns me with bad rolls, use 1 Death Coil to fish for Runic Empowerment, wait for another Festering Strike and get 6+ FW stacks.
Apocalypse to burst the stacks of FW, Dark Arbiter into Dark Transformation - in this order, to get the most out of the legendary shoulders.
Mortal Coil if available (as soon as possible, to get that DA paintrain going). Spend any free Death Strikes if any present adds died.
Keep refreshing Virulent Plague with Outbreak.
First time it's available again, use Dark Transformation, next one wait for DA/Apocalypse combo (for the legendary shoulders) next one use on cd, next one wait and so on.
When Army of the Dead is back up, use it, the Apoc + DA + DT just like on pull. This is also where I use second pots if the fight lasts this long.
As the fillers, keep spending runic power via Death Coils, keep building and spending stacks of FW with Festering/Scourge strikes.
Legendary choice - Currently using shoulders/chest as it's undoubtedly the highest ST DPS gain, I could see myself playing with the class ring on heavy AoE fights instead of one of these. As for KJBW, I've never felt it being worth it. Explanation for me still using Convergence of Fates - extremely smooth rotation (DA/Apoc/DT lining up perfectly every 90 seconds.
Do you have any alts?
Yes, currently 6 other max level toons, (1 Horde, 5 Alliance), all geared (2 of them ~920, the rest 930+), I do a respectable amount of content on all of them. I simply enjoy playing different stuff from time to time. 3 alt tanks, I do a LOT of mythic+.
Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?
Nothing forseen other than a certain graphical glitch introduced with patch 7.3. Suddenly, somehow, when using dx9 some ground effects don't show up (2 important ones in ToS, when I checked NH it was 2 there as well). Easily solved by going Dx11 for the 'problematic' fights. However, since 7.3 again, that occasionally makes my game crash - however it's rare, usually like once every couple days... weird stuff I tell you.
Other than that, solid enough pc to see what's going on even in a 30 man group, stable internet connection.
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Re: [Pending] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Kann » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:46 pm

Cześć Grzegorz

Thank you for your application.

Your gear and recent experience are pretty lacking versus our current roster/progress and as such I don't think the chances are very good of us being willing to offer you a trial.

Will let Kalrell check on your DK theorycrafting knowledge before making a final decision.
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Re: [Pending] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Lilyani » Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:02 pm

Alright. Awaiting the final verdict.

As for the gear, yeah, I am somewhat behind the mythic level gear curve, I realize.
As for experience, I can't do anything with that other than being someone that learns fast. In my own time I like reviewing guides, logs, tactics, generally I know the boss through before fighting him.
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Re: [Pending] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Kalrell » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:01 pm

Hihi resident deathknight here.

So lets go though stuffs.

1) Army of the Dead 5s before pull.
why use it at specifically 5 seconds?

2) You mention Runic Empowerment and Mortal Coil, both aren't Unholy Deathknight abilities :P
Mind elaborating?

3) You mention having played all three specs.
What sort of gear and legendarys and AP levels do you have for your offspecs? Would you be enthusiastic to step up and tank if a fight required it like Kil'jaeden?

3a) What sort of AP level are you at for Unholy?

4) I notice the super small screen res of your screenshot (1024 x 768).
Would your computer deal well with 20 man mythic content? What sort of FPS do you see in raids?

5) Your user interface.
Why do you use the default Blizzard Rune Frame? How do you keep track of the precision of your Runes with the default UI?

I think that is all the questions I can field at the moment. :D
Looking forward to your answers. <3
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Re: [Pending] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Lilyani » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:05 am

Hi, I'll try to clear this up.

1) I think the best way to answer this is old habits die hard (playing Unholy in the past, you would use AotD at 7-8s). With ToS 2-set and legendary shoulders I have been gravitating closer and closer towards using it on pull (I am positive I use it at 0 a good amount of times) to maximize the damage gains. Clearly it's something that I can improve on further.

2) And I thought I did some proofreading...
Runic Empowerment was supposed to be Runic Corruption (hence why it's Death Coil that I mentioned that's 'fishing' for it).
Mortal Coil is of course Death Coil (which was correctly typed just a few lines of text above!). I mention it's use as soon as you have Runic Power for it, because it increases the amount of damage done by Dark Arbiter. While Dark Arbiter is not up, you want to avoid overcapping RP/overcapping Sudden Doom procs. Also a thing of note, as I play Shadow Infusion, I pool runic power for when Dark Transformation is at 32 sec cd to quickly refresh its' cooldown in order to use it again before the next DA/Apoc/DT comes into play.
Why Shadow Infusion over Infected Claws? It's once again the smoothness of rotation combined with Convergence of Fates (also me never ever getting Specter of Betrayal...). Also, skimming over the top parses, there's a fair amount of people using both (with Infected Claws being represented more, I shall admit).

3) Off specs.
As for legendaries, I've got every Frost legendary other than Sindragosa's Fury legplates (which will inevitably be my next one whenever I use Frost as my loot spec). This comes from me playing frost since 7.1 (7.1.5? Return to Karazhan patch) when Frost started pulling ahead of Unholy, staying Frost through the entirety of Cleavehold and only going back to Unholy in Tomb of Sargeras. I've been quite fortunate in the fact that the only Unholy-specific legendaries I have looted were the Wrists and shoulders. As for Blood, my collection of orange items is fairly limited here, as other than every neutral legendary (prydaz/cloak etc) I've only got the Blood legs.
As for gear - I've got replacements for any and all legendary item slots to swap as needed, with a good amount of trinkets (both stat sticks and with effects) to substitute. I also do keep quite a few items with different stats if I need to use them for off specs (A whole lot of rings and necks that's for sure).
Would I be enthusastic to step up and tank if required? Hell yeah, I do quite a bit of tanking, both in raids and m+, and I like it a lot, in fact. I've been off-tanking for Tactical Magic for a long time.
It perhaps is worth mentioning, that IF my DK didn't have legendaries that somehow would be extremely needed for Blood tanking, my main alt, a Demon Hunter, is main spec tank, has every Vengeance legendary (...except for Prydaz) and is pretty much up to par the whole expansion (currently 935 due to being really lucky on titanforges).
But TL;DR yeah, I've no problem with tanking on occasion or whenever a fight calls for it.
3a) AP levels. My Unholy artifact is currently at 68 (I could easily step it up way higher before Antorus comes out).
Frost and Blood are both at 63 traits. However, with AP being easier and easier to obtain each week, it's not hard at all to catch up if, say, Frost pulls ahead of Unholy.

4) This is actually the cause of my screen dying just a few weeks ago, and I am using this 'throwaway' one in the meantime, while I decide for a new one in the not-so-distant future. This does not speak for my pc's performance - while I don't play at maximum details or anything (I play at 5) I've never had any need to lower the settings in a raid environment. As mentioned, I've done a fair amount of Mythic level raids this expansion, and it's never given me troubles. My FPS keeps it nice and steady, even during Heroism on pull everyone uses everything they have scenario (and I could of course just hammer the graphics down IF needed). To give you an idea, I run Witcher 3 at medium details with an average of 45 fps, so it can't be that bad!

5) I think this is simply me never actually trying to use a customized Rune Frame Weak Aura, and sticking with the clean default look. Something that I can adjust to should I feel it'll improve my play. As to how I keep track of it right now, I suppose the best answer is just muscle memory, and a bit of planning ahead. It is also way easier to keep track of runes now that we Death Knights only have 1 type of them, unlike what I remember from HFC.

Hm...sorry for the wall of text.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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Re: [Declined] [PvE] Lilyani Death Knight

Postby Loeka » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:30 pm

Hey there Gregory

Thank you for your application and interest in RR Inc, we just discussed your application in the officer meeting, and decided to decline your application. At our current position, and only 1 week left before antorus opens up, we require people to have a decent set of skills and experience. We find this lacking.

Feel free to try again in the future though!

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