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[Accepted] [PvE] Rishman Mage Application

Wanna apply to RR? This is the place.

[Accepted] [PvE] Rishman Mage Application

Postby Rishman » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:39 pm

First Name:
Wales, UK

Character Name:
Primary Talent Spec:
Secondary Talent Spec:
Profession 1:
Profession 2:

Armory Link: ... od/rishman
Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment:
What is your /played time?:
95days at 110 - 583 total

Where did you hear about us?
Wowprogress - Been on this realm for a long time always see players around.

Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild?
Looking for an organized and stable guild thats making decent progress.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?
No one that I know of, did do some NH beta testing with Kann.

Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them
Was in Animosity for 4 years, Guild was slowly dying since progress was getting worse and a few of our players leaving for other guilds or just fed up with WoW, found it harder to get new players who would be able to keep up with the progress we wanted and in the end a few of the members decided to try on a new realm.

What do you feel you will bring to the guild?
I always give my best during the raids, been Raid Leading for the last 3 years with some pretty nice kills so hopefully my knowledge.

Please list your previous raiding experience
Been playing since Wotlk but these are the most recent kills
HM - 7/7 Mythic
BRF - 10/10 Mythic
HFC - 13/13 Mythic
EN - 7/7 Mythic
ToV - 3/3 Mythic
NH - 10/10 Mythic
ToS - 5/9 Mythic

If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports:
I have no recent logs since i've taken a small break since September. ... od/rishman

Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST?
Can make every raid night.

Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it?
Yes I have discord, a working mic and willing to use it.

Are you willing to respec for raids if required?
I'd be willing to play whatever spec is needed although my Arcane is not as good as frost/fire.

Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required?
Im happy to pass if needed.

Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time?
Stopped during wotlk for togc and started again during ICC and more recently when my last guild realm changed.

Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why?
As a Frost mage its important to have 33.3% crit to make sure our Shatter passive makes it 100%.

Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority
Use frost bolt till Brain Freeze procs, with a brain freeze proc make sure to cast frost bolt then Flurry then Ice Lance and if you can blink and ice lance again.
Make sure to never waste Fingers of Frost procs.
On pull you can open with Ebon Bolt, Icy Veins, Flurry, Ice Lance (possible double ice lance), Frozen Orb, Ice Lance to use up procs, then to basic rotation.
If using the Incanter's Flow talent try and make sure you cast the big spells when at 4 or 5 stacks.
For gear going into Antorus frost mages are looking to use 2 set T20 and 4set T21.

Do you have any alts?
These are my 2 most geared alts but im finishing up my last 3 to 110.
Blood Dk ... b3tt%c3%a9
Assassination Rogue ... artstopper

Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?
Nothing that I can think of right now.
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Re: [Pending] [PvE] Rishman Mage Application

Postby Kann » Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:27 pm

Hey Dale

Good to see your application.

Gear and experience are good.

Logs aren't the best, presumably for obvious 'raid leader' reasons, but since you're already in the guild and Antorus is just around the corner, it seems like a no-brainer to offer you a trial to see what you're capable of without that raid leader burden.

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