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[Declined] [PvE] Twigs, Shadow Priest Re-apply

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[Declined] [PvE] Twigs, Shadow Priest Re-apply

Postby Twigs » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:53 pm

Hey again guys. This is a re-application as my last application was withdrawn due to IRL things.
Those things having yet again changed, means I can once again meet the raiding days you guys run with, and so I am trying my luck once again.
An explanation of what went on and why I withdrew is in "Where did you hear about us".
Also, since I have been through this application process once, I copy-pasta'd some, added things that were discussed last time, as well as focused on talking about how my Spec changed from ToS to Antorus. Most of what we know is from simms, and I've been discussing some stuff with people on the priest Discord to learn more. Needless to say, I felt it wouldn't hurt if I speculated a bit about some stuff. Also, sorry if it's a long read, you know how we psychologist students like to write.

First Name: Casper
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Country: Denmark

Character Name: Twigzs
Class: Priest
Race: Goblin
Primary Talent Spec: Shadow
Secondary Talent Spec: Holy
Profession 1: Tailoring
Profession 2: Enchanting

Armory Link: ... ale/twigzs ... ale/Twigzs
Screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment: - First picture is out of combat, with WeakAuras tab open. (All WAs visible) - In Combat shot
What is your /played time?:
95 days

Where did you hear about us?
I found the forum post, you posted in the PvE section. After reading through the information, I had a chat with Loeka. Also, having been on Defias Brotherhood for a while, I have seen some of you around, and while I knew no one from the guild, the guild name wasn't unknown to me.
After having applied the first time, I had some unfortunate changes in my RL situation in the near future, long story short, my student life next year were going to interfere with the raiding days/times you guys had. Having communicated a lot with my teachers, we came to the conclusion that some things were going to interfere too much with an internship I have with a local psychology firm. As this internship is a positive in relation to my education, we were able to move some things around, which also meant, fortunate for me, I am now able to keep up with your raiding days and times. :)

Why do you want to join us and what are you looking for in a guild?
After stepping back from raiding for a short time, I really want to get back into raiding. At this point in time, I have the time to commit to more than your average raiding days. I like the challenge of mythic raiding, and I like improving as a player, which i feel isn't only necessary for Mythic raiding, but mythic raiding in itself, as well as the guild, creates incentive to do just this. So providing me with the tools and oppotunity to do just this, is what I mainly like in a guild. Outside of raiding, I also enjoy running a lot of Mythic+, and having lived in the pug world for a bit now, I would like to start doing this with guildies, hopefully making new friends in the process.

In short, I'm looking for a home that can provide the necessary tools for constant improvement, as well as joining up with like-minded people, who enjoy the game, just as I do.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?
Sadly I don't know anyone in the guild at this moment.

Please list your previous guilds and explain your reasons for leaving them
Violent Circus: I was raiding with them, till I stepped down from raiding a few months ago. I still have active characters in the guild, I'm still part of their Discord community, and I play a lot of games outside of WoW with them. Getting back into raiding, my first stop was re-trialling, unfortunately they were not able to provide me with a spot, as their roster is pretty stacked.

Danish Exiles: This is where I am currently enjoying my hiatus from the raiding scene. They do have a raiding team, in which I help out if they are a man short. Otherwise it's just a place for me to chat with other danes, do some Mythic+ and hang out.

What do you feel you will bring to the guild?
I'm a fairly calm and quiet guy (This does not mean shy). I'm always happy to help out whereever I can, or maybe even enjoy a game outside of WoW. As for raiding, I always show up prepared, meaning both in terms of consumables and knowing tactics. I constantly try to improve myself, not just in terms of my own personal performance, but also chip in where I can, in terms of the raid as a whole. After years of Mythic raiding it is second nature to me, that the raid always comes first.

Please list your previous raiding experience
Killed upto and including Prophet Skeram (AQ40)

Killed upto and including Supremus (BT)
Note: Pre-WotLK talent patch, that really shuffled things.

Cleared everything on Normal (Both 10man and 25)
Killed upto and including Rotface 25man (ICC-Heroic)

Cleared everything on Normal
No Heroic experience this expansion

Mists of Pandaria
Cleared Everything on Normal
SoO Heroic(10): 13/14HC

Warlords of Draenor
Cleared Everything on Heroic
HM(M): 3/7M
BrF: 3/10M
HFC: 9/13M

EN: 6/7M
ToV: 3/3M - Post-NH release.
NH: 8/10M
ToS: 6/9M
Antorus: 11/11HC
I also did a Glory run which I led myself. Since it was a succes I have one planned on Tuesday, and possibly more in the future. :D

If possible please provide links to some recent WorldofLogs / WarcraftLogs reports: ... ale/twigzs

Can you play Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, 19.30ST - 23.00ST?
Yes. I do my uni work in the mornings, along with my house chores, which leaves the evenings everyday of the week open. Most of my classes is going to be around noon, so my nights will be entirely free post 14th December.

Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, and will you use it?
I do have Discord and a Mic. I'm also more than willing to be vocal. (I am usually quiet during raids, as 20 people trying to speak simultaneously would be a mess. ^^ )

Are you willing to respec for raids if required?

Are you willing to pass your raid spot to someone else if required?
Yes. I understand that most raiding guild run rosters with more than 20 in it, to compensate for IRL being a thing. It is only natural that once in a while, I'd have to sit out. There's also the fact that some bosses just feels terribad for some classes, so for the sake of progress sitting out someone, is also something I am more than okay with.

Have you ever stopped raiding for an extended period of time?
Usually it was only for a few months at a time. But yes, I have taken breaks for various reasons.

Which stats do you feel are important to your spec and why?
Haste is a vital part of Shadow Priest, as it is essentially what makes the class tick. Often when I talk to new priests, they feel the spec is clunky to play, and they are not getting the numbers they want. Often this can be contributed to low haste numbers.

Critical Strike is not important cause it is giving us big numbers, but also because of the talent point Auspicious Spirits, it provides us with an additional steady stream of resource (Insanity).

Mastery as this is just a flat damage bonus to Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch and Void Bolt, which is where our damage really comes from.

Currently all three of these stats work very well together, so neglecting one is not a good thing. Our first priority is ofcourse our Haste. As we want to get our haste to a level, where we can maintain our Voidform for the duration we need it. Once that is achieved, we're looking at Crit as well as Mastery, to buff up the damage we do within that Voidform window. In Nighthold we saw heavy emphasis on Mastery, but with ToS we saw Crit taking over and becoming the "dominant stat" of the two.

In regards to Antorus, we're not seeing a change in how we look at/ wanna play the spec. But as Antorus brings with it new tier, which does simm higher, at certain amounts of haste, we are also looking to change our stats to accomodate this. Because we're looking at a future where we won't be using 4set tier 20 (Slows our Insanity Drain by 10%), we're already now looking at obtaining more haste to fill in that gap. This puts an increased emphasize on haste in the beginning of this tier. Before we would've settled for 12000ish (considered our sweetspot), where as with Tier 21, for it to be stronger, we want about 15000-17000.

Another thing that changed since my last application, is our relationship to crit and mastery. In our recent simms, we're seeing a deteriation in the value of Mastery. So where in the past we would ideally want 0.5 mastery per 1 point of crit, we're now looking at a reality where crit is king, and Mastery starts loosing value after 4000-4500, meaning in an ideal world, we would get to 16000ish haste, 4000 Mastery and just stack that crit like there was no tomorrow. Versatility is still our worst stat.

One of the reasons we’re seeing crit being more potent in this tier, when comparing to last tier, is two-fold. First off, our new tiers 2set bonus buffs our Critical Damage of Mind Blast and Mind Flay by 50%. This obviously translates into increased value from crit, whenever these 2 spells crit. Our 4set bonus is gonna increase our critical strike chance by 0.5% per voidform stack of Mind Blast, Void Bolt and Mind Flay, so the 4set further serves as a buffer.
Secondly, with our increased emphasis on getting more haste than previous tier, this is further going to speed up the ticks of our dots, making them more potent. This serves to further enhance the passive regeneration of Shadow Word: Pain, to potentially supply more resource than ever before.

And going full-circle I would return to Mastery. With our increased emphasis on crit and haste, both of them going up in value, you would think Mastery, which buffs our DoT damage and Void Bolt damage, would be worth more, or atleast the same as in previous tier. In part I would speculate that sacrificing Mastery over crit, would serve to devalue Mastery, as yes our dots would tick faster due to our haste, and mastery would then further buffer that damage. But pouring stats from our secondary stats pool into Mastery would actually serve to weaken our Tier bonus and the strength that provides, as well as limiting the effectiveness we can potentially gain from Auspcious. Needless to say, I feel like Mastery is still a decent stat, but it doesn’t play well with our tier bonus, which is the real reason we wanted more haste to begin with. So I would speculate that Mastery looses value, cause it is better for us to build on the strengths provided by the set bonuses, rather than trying to shore up any weak spots.
Also the recent nerfs to our DoTs cause we were starting to run away with it all, further puts a wrench in the likelihood Mastery is going to return as a dominating stat in Legion. Maybe in BfA! (I’ll touch on the changes in the Spell rotation/useage/Priority.)

These stat priorities are ofcourse based purely on progression, where the fights last longer. For farm content, it seems to be better to stack high amounts of crit, over potential haste losses, as the fights are much shorter, we wanna shove in as much damage in that narrow window, compared to longer fights, where we're looking for more consistency.

Describe your spell rotation/useage/priority
My spell rotation is pretty much split into two stages. (Non-Voidform / Voidform)
Outside of Voidform, the goal of the rotation is getting into Voidform as quickly as I can. For the purpose of this I follow a simple priority list.

1. Mind Blast
2. Keep up Debuffs (Shadow Word: Pain / Vampiric Touch)
3. Mind Flay

At 65 Insanity I'll be able to enter Voidform, thanks to a talent point (Legacy of the Void)
After this it becomes a combination of using certain things at certain times, as well as following a rotation untill I get to these various thresholds.

Void Bolt > 2 fillers > Void Bolt
This often looks like this
Void Bolt > Mind Flay > Mind Blast > Void Bolt

Below 20% health on the boss we get access to Shadow Word: Death. This ability is on a charge system, which allows us to use 1 of the 2 charges and bank the other one. Shadow Word: Death, like Void Bolt, has the immense advantage of being instant cast, that generates insanity. So banking a SW:D to either assist on movement phases, or aiding us in maitaining our Voidform, usually yields the best results.

If dots needs to be applied to new targets, or if they fell off an existing one, this is done instead of Mind Flay.
Now as soon as I pop into Voidform, I'll immediately cast my Void Torrent. After which I'll go into my normal Voidform rotation. Now, regardless of Bloodlust/Procs/pots or various other buffs, we want to be casting out Mind Bender at around 30ish stacks of Voidform, which also equals 30 seconds into our Voidform cycle.

With the Crucible being able to give us Fiending Dark traits (+uptime on Mindbender), the bender is now more dynamic than it ever was. Due to my extra traits, I find myself sometimes popping it a bit earlier, or in cases of multi-dot bosses, a little later. In my last post, I even received a question regarding this, and since then I have been experimenting more with my Bender. Finding my best results with Bender @ 28 stacks on pure ST, will yield a perfect 60seconds cycle. With multi-target bosses, bender can 9/10 times be pushed further into the stacks and you can get away with 30-34 or more, for that additional time inside Voidform. The bender isn’t always an exact science, and in the case of Single-target, it is usually only the first one I pop early, to help me propel the next coming voidforms. (This naturally isn’t necessary if we’re using lust on pull, in which case I pop it later.) This is the same with multi-target scenarios. Mostly it comes down to feelcraft. I have a general sense of when I want to pop it, but it all comes down to when my insanity starts steadily going down, and I actually need it up to stay inside of my Voidform.

All this comes down to maintaining a rotational cycle. As this provides the best results in terms of DPS. These cycles last for a minute at a time, just like Void Torrent and Mindbender. Which means when we drop out of voidform, roughly around 53-55 stacks, we immediately start rebuilding our insanity to get back into voidform, so we can begin our next cycle.

Outside of these cycles there is a couple of things to take into account.
1. Dispersion. While it does stop our Insanity Drain and effectively pauses our cycle, this has to be taken into account. If I disperse before popping my Mindbender, my cycle isn't really affected. While popping Dispersion while Mindbender is out, will shorten my current Voidform, as I won't get the extra insanity to stay inside. This however does not break my next cycle.
2. Our raid utility Cooldown Vampiric Embrace is able to provide a nice bit of healing to the raid, but if this isn't used within a Voidform and preferably on 30+ stacks, the healing becomes quite neglible.
3. I should always be looking for oppotunity to take advantage of Sephuz, as this is currently the best legendary for Shadow regardless of our ability to proc it or not.
4. Even if I am dealing with adds that die fairly quick, and hence isn't worth dotting, I should be looking for oppotunities to to snipe them to proc Twist of Fate (+20% dmg)
5. I'm a fairly self-sustainable class, with a heal available to me. This ofcourse means it is worth to cock up a cycle to spam myself with Shadow Mends if it means I will live. Living DPS usually does more than a dead one.

Also with Antorus release there was a few changes to Shadow Priests. We got our Dot damage nerfed a bit (-4% if I remember correctly) and the damage of Void Eruption buffed by 700% along with other minor changes. Later they nerfed our Dot damage by another -12% and buffed all other abilities damage by 3%.

In practice this changed a few thins for us, but looking at raid environments the damage ended up being more or less the same. The big thing about this change, was it made is slightly better and more viable for Mythic+, which is always nice. It also put an increased emphasis on Shadow Word: Pain, and slightly decreased Vampiric touch’s influence in our rotation. (Still does the same dmg, and is among our top damaging spells, but the place it held in the rotation list in a mythic+ setting got slightly changed) Mainly because Shadow Word: Pain is what is going to interact with Void Eruption, so applying SW:P and getting that big burst of damage from Eruption was found to be more viable in most cases, rather than applying both debuffs before going into your Voidform.

The most recent nerf seems to be Blizzard trying to bring multi-dotters back in line with the rest, as we were starting to slightly run away. The nerf is estimated to be a damage nerf of 3-5% which is significant in its own right, but even I were seeing some incredible numbers the first week, whereas the second week I noticed I was much more in line with others, so no complaints here. :D

Do you have any alts?
I have quite a few alts on Defias Brotherhood. More or less 1 of each class.

Can anyone or anything interfere with your online gaming?
Exams, but those are usually a daytime thing, so unlikely that they would interfere.
Family stuff, but I usually plan ahead of times, and if it is something that's going to interfere with my raiding, I let my officers know in advance.
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Re: [Pending][PvE] Twigs, Shadow Priest Re-apply

Postby Loeka » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey there Casper and thank you for your re-application, just as nice an application as it was previous time, although copy pasta helped you here! ;)

We will discuss your application tomorrow during the officer meeting, after which we'll honor your application with a reply.

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Re: [Accepted][PvE] Twigs, Shadow Priest Re-apply

Postby Loeka » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:52 pm

Hey there Casper

We just had the officer meeting regarding your application. Currently, the roster is quite full, as we are dealing with a bunch of trials. However, we'd still like to offer you a trial based on the following conditions: Your trial period will most likely last longer than the usual 2 weeks, as we'll likely address the current trials first. Moreover, the two weeks during christmas we'll be raiding on a reduced schedule to account for the holidays. These two weeks will not count towards your trial period. If you agree with these set conditions you can whisper any officer ingame for an invite!

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Re: [Accepted][PvE] Twigs, Shadow Priest Re-apply

Postby Kann » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:48 pm

Disappointing that you went to all the effort of writing a nice detailed application, twice, only to turn out to be a time waster.

Changing the status of this to declined and locking the thread.
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